Josephine Jansen’s famous East Village snack shop makes a limited time appearance in the kitchen at Theatre 80. After moving Snackdragon to St John in the US Virgin Islands, and subsequently suffering a total loss in the howling winds of Hurricane Maria,  Josephine is back in NYC and happy to be serving her delicious menu to her old neighborhood. This week’s menu includes:

Extroverted Grilled Cheese:GC small A blend of cheeses both inside (melted) and outside (crispy) of the sandwich, served with chips and a pickle

Snackdragon’s famous Thai Tacos with pork, tamarind sauce, 5 Spice powder, cucumber, onion and peanuts

Bahn Mi Hotdog:thai hotdog. small with homemade Vietnamese pate and  pickled cucumber, carrot and onion

Open 1pm until late!