Extended through January 27!

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Thursday January 18 only: post show talkback Psychedelics Throughout Time and Space featuring Adam Strauss and Hamilton Morris, the star of Vice TV’s Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia (as well as a character in THE MUSHROOM CURE). Here, Hamilton and Adam will discuss the varying uses of psychedelics in different societies throughout history and their future role in shamanism, psychiatry, and self-exploration.

Inspired by a scientific study showing the hallucinogenic mushrooms may cure obsessive-compulsive disorder, Adam Strauss embarked on a program of vigilante psychopharmacology. The New York Times says The Mushroom Cure, Adam’s hilarious, harrowing, and heartrending true tale of his attempt to treat his severe OCD with psychedelics, “mines a great deal of laughter from disabling pain” and Time Out New York calls it “riveting… a true-life tour de force” and named it a Critics’ Pick. Check out Adam’s new sizzle reel here!