Wednesday November 8 – Saturday December 2



In Love With the Arrow Collar Man centers on one of 20th-century America’s most influential illustrators, Joseph C. Leyendecker (1874-1951), and his model and life partner, Charles Beach. The play tells the true story of a gay couple whose life together spanned nearly half a century at a time when such relationships were not supposed to exist.
Leyendecker’s immense popularity was due to his covers for the Saturday Evening Post and the use of his art in advertising – most notably the Arrow Collar Man of the play’s title, for whom Beach was the model. In Love With the Arrow Collar Man also chronicles Leyendecker’s relationships with two fellow artists: his talented but self-destructive brother Frank; and Norman Rockwell, the protégé who would surpass him in fame.

Play by Lance Ringel
Directed by Chuck Muckle
Producers: Gene Fisch Jr. and Posh Productions
The Cast:

Ian Brodsky 
Jack D. Martin
Rupert Simonian
Joanna Parson
Evelyn Peralta 
Holland Hamilton 
Steven Trolinger
Justin Bennett
David M. Beris
Jenna Cormey