OCTOBER 19 – 29

New York City skyline, USA


It is a frigid New Year’s Eve, and Steven and Sharon wait behind the velvet ropes to enter an exclusive club. They are forced to face reality, in all its terrible magnificence, as they are denied entry by the Doormen and challenged by the vagrants.

Sometimes we have dreams and goals that we’ve yearned for so long that we don’t know if we still yearn for them, or if we want them out of habit.  Freefall Frostbite is what happens when everything you’ve been holding onto falls away.  It’s like floating and exploding, all at the same time.

With a Beat-Shakespearean libretto and a contemporary score in the vain of Mumford and Sons and Once, Freefall Frostbite is a visceral movement piece colored by genuine human connection. This reinvention of the work that premiered at the Ellen Stewart Theater in 2013 as part of the New York International Fringe Festival is as exhilarating and liberating as only freefalling from the heavens can be.

“There are pointed references to many of the memes and ideas that make our current world feel sick or broken.  There are lovely considerations of the creative process and of broken-hearted romance….For a curious and questing audience in search of something unusual and artistically stimulating.”

-Martin Denton, nytheatre.com review of 2013 production


Join us.

Be Forever Changed.


October 19th, 20th, 21st, 26th, 27th and 28th at 7PM and

October 22nd and 29th at 2PM

Learn more at freefallfrostbite.com