Friday March 30, 10pm

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Celebrating the rich history and influence of the audiotape, Cassette plays out like a mixtape, compiled to honor a revolutionary musical format. Since its introduction in 1963, the cassette has played an important role as musicʼs first universally recordable medium. And while it has been obsolete for over 20 years, it forever changed the listenerʼs relationship to music.

From hip-hop DJʼs to punks to sound engineers, Cassette asks its subjects, as well
as the audience, to remember. The film approaches the audio cassette as not just
another obsolete sound carrier, but as a handmade time capsule. Addressing this
nostalgia in the context of our digital, downloadable world, Cassette poses the
question: “What is it about the cassette that wonʼt die?”
Cassette focuses on musicians and listeners whose lives have been impacted by the
compact cassette, as well as the original surviving engineers responsible for its creation.
A small sample of these interviews include:
Lou Ottens, Head of Product Development, Philips, 1960-1986
Henry Rollins, Author, Musician: Black Flag, Rollins Band
Thurston Moore, Musician: Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore Group
Lily Rothman, TIME Magazine
Bobbito Garcia, Radio DJ, WBLS New York