Monday April 23, 7pm

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“I have heard it said dead faces sometimes appear in mirrors to reveal the fates of
the living…”
So says the widow Violet Begonne from the head of table, as her six guests in black
each raise a glass to their departed friend, Nicholas. But something stirs in the air as evening sets over Violet’s castle, and from the mirror in the corner, another guest waits to join the funeral dinner…
The Evening Crane Theatre presents the world premiere of a new play,
Enoptromancy, Or When We Meet As One, at Theatre 80 St. Marks, on April 23rd.
Set in the dining chamber of a half-crumbled castle, the play finds eight characters assembled for an evening of wine, wraiths, and dark poetry, in the wake of the sudden death of their old friend, Nicholas Begonne. At table is the mistress of the castle, Violet, her loyal yet brooding Mastiff, the senescent and cryptic figure of Dust, the Songstress, the Ferrywoman, the King without a grave, and the dead man’s lawyer, the Duchess Anemoon. By evening’s end, Violet and her guests find themselves unexpectedly confronted by a visage of the dead and several unnerving questions of fate.
Written & directed by Michael Seebold
Violet Begonne – Hannah Hasseloey
The Mastiff – Matthew Tiemstra
Dust – Erin Noll
Idleworth – Johnny Segalla
Jane Begonne – Arianna Wellmoney
The Songstress – Storm Garner
Duchess Anemoon – Elizabeth Cardaropoli
The Apparition in the Mirror – Christopher Ellis
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