September 19 – 23


Expect A Master Class In Comedy!
Dylan Moran Returns to the U.S. with New Show
Dylan Moran – The star & co-writer of cult TV comedy Black Books lives up to his reputation as one of the top names in British comedy! Regarded internationally as the premier comedian of his generation, Moran’s searing observations and  sumptuous imagery, painted across a large fraying canvas with curmudgeonly ‘Moranesque’ brush strokes – all delivered with Dylan’s renowned, shambolic charm……
“Moran is thoughtful, debonair and erudite, ambivalent and mildly embarrassed by all the attention. His comedy has the rambling feel of a free-associated yarn, but there’s a sturdy structure that keeps him moving from topic to topic. There’s
more on his mind than laughs, or at least, that’s the image he projects before the punchlines fly.”
–NY Times
“The greatest comedian, living or dead”
–Le Monde
“Go enjoy the reflections of one of the masters of stand-up comedy. The star of
‘Black Books’ and ‘Shaun of the Dead’, never fails to deliver with his shambolic
charm and curmudgeonly manner.”
–Time Out London Editors Pick!
“Irish comedian Dylan Moran is a huge hit in his native UK, notably
for his brilliant role as a cantankerous and drunk, yet lovable book shop owner in
the series “Black Books.” His live stand-up is where he’s really making his name
now though— consider yourself lucky and don’t miss your chance to see one of
the funniest comics on either side of the pond.”
–SF Bay Guardian Critics Pick!
“Known for his deadpan delivery, misanthropic tendencies and the
unkempt black hair that seems to serve as an emblem for how little of a shit he
gives. Moran’s observational comedy is some of the cleverest around, tossed off
with a winning casualness. Moran isn’t huge here yet—but you may recognize
him from the cult sitcom Black Books.”
–Time Out NY
“He’s glorious – with his keen intelligence and perfectly worded witticisms he’ll
have you clutching your sides, begging for more.”
–LA Weekly