Behind This Tiny Window Is NYC’s Best Hot Dog
-The Gothamist

We couldn’t be HAPPIER to welcome Feltman’s Hot Dogs to the William Barnacle Tavern!  Scott Lynch of The Gothamist raves:

“There is only one item of the Feltman’s menu, and it’s a hot dog… but it’s likely to be the best hot dog you’ll ever eat in your life.

The rebooted Feltman’s red hot is made from beef, sea salt, a garlicky seasoning blend, and a marvelously snappy skin. It’s uncured, nitrate-free, with no artificial ingredients. Quinn cooks it to the perfect combination of juicy and crisp, with a slight char for added flavor, and it’s so good I would be happy just eating the thing plain, like some sort of fat, magical Slim Jim.”

And that:

“Hot dog fans from all over should hit up Feltman’s early and often, to experience what an A+ NYC red hot taste like. Of course, these also make for excellent drinking-night snacks, and are worth seeking out even in a neighborhood lousy with other good options.”

Check out the whole article which also goes into the history of Feltman’s and their original owner (who invented the Hot Dog as we know it) Right here!

Try the ORIGINAL Hot Dog, now being served at the William Barnacle Tavern!

In 1876 German immigrant Charles Feltman invented the hot dog at Coney Island. By the early 20th century Feltman’s German Beer Garden was the largest restaurant in the world. Feltman’s original Coney Island restaurant was open from 1870-1954. Feltman’s has returned taking over the kitchen at the William Barnacle Tavern grilling Feltman’s original Frankfurt sausage.